Tcl Dallas Meeting

Mark Ulferts (
Fri, 24 May 1996 11:02:40 -0700

--- Tcl Dallas Users Group ---

Quarterly Meeting
7:00, Thursday June 6th
HP in Richardson


I would like to invite everyone to attend our first quarterly meeting
of the Dallas area Tcl/Tk user's group to be held at HP in Richardson on
June 6th at 7:00. The meeting is open to the public with refreshments and
registration beginning at 6:30PM. For further directions please see the
map below or consult our web page

HP has generously contributed an HP-17B2 calculator valued at $85 which
will be raffled off at the meeting to one of our members. If you're not
a member yet, there will be plenty of time to sign up before the raffle.

This month's meeting will include a discussion of the latest events from
comp.lang.tcl, an industry report, and a book review. The report will
be from Chris Cox who has been working on a desktop publishing system
using Tcl/Tk. He'll be discussing his experiences using Tcl/Tk for
this type of project and some of the new widgets he developed as a by
product of the effort. He is planning on doing a live demo, given that
he can acquire all necessary equipment.

In addition, Alfredo Jahn will be doing a book report on the "Tcl and
Tk Reference Manual" from Red Hat. Alfredo has found this book to be
very useful and will be presenting its finer points.

Mark your calendar !

Exit I-75 at the Campbell Exit in Richardson and head East.
After crossing Greenville Avenue you will see HP on the South side
of Campbell.

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