Subject:      North Texas Linux Users Group:  Meeting Announcement
From: (Kendall Clark)
Date:         1996/11/05
Message-ID:   <55mva2$>
Newsgroups:   dfw.general
This message is to announce the next (3rd) meeting of the NTLUG on November 9, 1996, at 2.00 pm at the Dallas Infomart. For directions to the Infomart, please see Saturday's meeting will be the first time that we meet at the Infomart, so I hope that a lot of members who've been unable to make it to Fort Worth will be there. I know we're all looking forward to meeting new Linux fans. The DFW Xchange ( is making it possible for us to meet at the Infomart. This meeting is something of a trial run; if they like us, and we them, then in the future, starting probably in January, we will alternate meetings at the Infomart and at TCU in Fort Worth.

At the meeting on Saturday, we will pursue the following rough agenda:

1. Some more distasteful organizational business: we need to take a final vote on whether the group should pursue non-profit tax-exempt status; we'll also--God willing and if the creek don't rise--have copies available of a draft proposal of a charter/articles of incorporation for you to peruse. There may even be a Postscript version of this draft proposal on the website for download by Saturday. We should also get some indication as to the interest level for a GROUP PURCHASE of the _CRiSP editor_. This item should take no more than 10 minutes.

2. Our technical presentation this time will be given by Chris Cox, who sent me the following email earlier this week: Chris Cox will present a brief tutorial on Tcl/Tk on Linux and a little about Impress, a Visio/Publisher like program he is developing. This promises to be a very informative presentation. We should be putting some record of it up on the web site after Saturday, for those of you who can't make it or just don't like taking notes.

3. Finally, we'll have a free-form discussion period at the end. One thing we will need to discuss then is everyone's first impressions of the Infomart, and whether or not NTLUG ought to continue meeting there.

I hope to see a big crowd out at the Infomart this Saturday for our meeting. For those of you who are Super Saturday regulars, please try to invite people in the other SIGS to drop in and check us out. Please forward any comments or questions to

Thanks and I hope to see you all on Saturday.
Kendall G. Clark