Mini-ImPressTcl/Tk Tclet

If you do not have the Netscape/MSIE Tcl plug-in, you'll need it for this demo. You may retrieve it from here or you may want to see what you are missing!!

NEW The Mini-Impress Tclet now supports Postscript output!!

This is the Tclet version of a soon to be released standalone publishing product called ImPress. ImPress is a WYSIWYG layout tool which can be used to produce quality documents. First release is scheduled for sometime in late Q2 of 1997. Feel free to compare this Tclet with the Java applet called JAIDraw. Note however, that the Mini-Impress Tclet is about 2000 lines of source occupying a mere 70K of download.

Click on objects with the left mouse button or drag select items while the left mouse button is down. The selected images can be moved and scaled using the selection handles. The rulers can be moved. Rotating a large vector image is very slow. Lines and Polygons are terminated using the right mouse button. If you resize your window, you will need to reload the Tclet (a slight bug in the plug-in currently).

I cannot guarantee the ability to use this Tclet under MS Windows 3.x.

Copyright © 1997, Christopher Jay Cox, All Rights Reserved.