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ImPress Integration with Ghostscript

Ghostscript can use the same Type 1 fonts that X11 uses.   In order to save disk space, you should link the X11 fonts into the Ghostscript font directory.  Then you should edit the Fontmap file to add the new fonts.  A tool which makes this process fairly painless is  type1inst.  This program not only generates the fonts.dir and fonts.scale for your X11 fonts directory containing the Type 1 fonts, but also can generate a Fontmap file for Ghostscript.  I highly recommend this utility.

Unfortunately, Tk is not able to correctly identify the PostScript style font names.  If you have difficulty getting the correct font output from PostScript generated by ImPress, look at the fonts being requested in the Postscript file and add the additional aliases to the Ghostscript Fontmap file.

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