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Click HERE for the new ImPress Tclet!! 
 or click HERE to see what you are missing!! 
 A minimal set of Documentation and FAQ can be found  here. 

What happened to the old Tclet??

ImPress started out as the Mini-ImPress Tclet.  The Mini-ImPress Tclet was designed as a prototype to demonstrate the ability to do a layout program using the Tcl Plugin.  It is much smaller than the new version of ImPress, which is also works with the Tcl Plugin.  If you want to see the original Mini-ImPress Tclet then click  here

How can I see the Plugin?

In order to view these Tclet applications you must first download the Tcl Plugin for Netscape available from  Ajuba Solutions (look under the downloads section for the Plugin). 

I want MORE!!

There's more support for ImPress on the Links page.
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