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Download ImPress 1.1 Beta 9

IMPORTANT: With Beta 9, the file tkUnixWm-patch.diff is available for tk8.3.2 sources to fix the "problem with all Linux window managers" that causes window stacking to be slow.
IMPORTANT: With Beta 7, the file tkFont-patch.diff is available for tk8.3.2 sources to remove the WYSIWYG font problem inherent in Tk.
IMPORTANT: With Beta 6, the examples are NOW in a separate file.
IMPORTANT: With Beta 2 ImPress has switched to a distribution style that is generally accepted by most Linux distributions.  One primary goal is to get ImPress into the popular Linux distributions.

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More useful programs which can be used in conjunction with ImPress are located in the Links page

A FAQ sheet can be found  here.

The HTML documentation for ImPress may be browsed online (LARGE!).

Examples/Clipart/Templates impress-1.1-b6-examples.tar.gz ~2.3M

You can download ImPress Linux binaries here.  Choose tar gzip'd or RPM format.  The impress binary itself is pure Tcl, so it is machine independent.   However, the font3d and pstoedit utilities included in this package will be specific to Linux.  They were compiled under SuSE 6.3.  They will probably work with most contemporary Linux distributions.
Gzip'd Binaries imp1.1b9-bin.tar.gz ~1M
RPM Binaries impress-1.1b9-2.i386.rpm ~1M

The source is fairly portable.  Here you can get the sources for ImPress.  It includes font3d and pstoedit.  These sources are already modified for use with ImPress under Linux.  I have provided pstoedit with this package.  The INSTALL file describes how you can replace it with a newer version (see pstoedit home page (3.21 now available!)).  In order to have the latest in Tk driver capabilities, you must either use the version I provide or follow the instructions in the INSTALL file.  I anticipate that pstoedit-3.21 (when available) will have these changes already included. Note: Pstoedit 3.21 is NOW available!
Gzip'd Source imp1.1b9.tar.gz ~1M
RPM Source impress-1.1b9-2.src.rpm ~1M

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