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  1.   1.  North Texas Linux Users Group
  2.   2.  Meetings
  3.   3.  Brief History of NTLUG
  4.   4.  Board of Directors
  5.   5.  Officers
  6.   6.  Committees

1.  North Texas Linux Users Group

We are one of the largest Linux users group in the world today. Though we love to claim a membership of over 2000 people, the actual number of visible members is much less. We generally have anywhere from 40 - 60 people at any given meeting.

2.  Meetings

We currently meet every month. See the Next Meeting page for meeting details and location information.

Linux Installation Project (LIP) 9am-ish - whenever Usually the first meeting of the day. Get Linux installed on your machine for FREE!
Beginning Linux 10am - 11am Topics center around issues in the setup and initial configuration of your new Linux box, or those new to Linux.
Main Presentation 11am - 12:30pm A broad range of presentations spanning multiple audiences. Sometimes we have important industry guest speakers. Door prizes are frequently done after the presentation.

3.  Brief History of NTLUG

  • On or about the first week of July, 1996 NTLUG was founded by Cole Jones, Stephen Denny, and Kendall Clark. By the second week of July, 1996 a very basic Web Site had been published using a small ISP acocunt. Stephen Denny and Hex.Net (now HyperUSA) had also agreed to host NTLUG's discuss and announce mailing lists.
  • On September 14, 1996 NTLUG held its first meeting. Thanks to Sujay D'Souza and TCU's ACM chapter, this meeting was held at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth. There were about 30 people there. At some point in the Fall of 1996, NTLUG asked Marvin Wu at SW Technology to donate a Pentium machine (Dora) to serve as the NTLUG online presence. SWT builds great machines and this one is rarely rebooted. (Dora is still alive...btw).
  • On October 19, 1996 we had our first technical presentation, Chris Parrott's Linux on Digital Alpha, came at the October meeting, which was the last at TCU.
  • On November 9, 1996 we held our first meeting at the Dallas Infomart (warning, all flash site) in conjunction with Super Saturday and the DFW Xchange. Mike Dunn and Stuart Yarus have to get the credit for this; they made the whole thing happen and the rest of us have just been showing up every month since.
  • To ring in 1997, on January 18, 1997 we held the first Linux Installation Project. Bill Petersen, Mike Dunn, and Tom Griffing made this happen by putting together hardware, software, and technical expertise. We also started selling Linux CDs from Linux Systems Labs -- very cool people, by the way -- which allows us to neglect other forms of group financing.
  • By March 15, 1997, after some peripatetic days, the NTLUG Web Site finally finds a permament home at Novaré International (now Brainfood). These guys are hardcore Linux freaks, and they have treated NTLUG very well.
  • On November 15, 1997 NTLUG celebrated its first anniversary by throwing a big geek party.
  • 1998 was a growth year for NTLUG. We moved our web server to Hex.Net (thanks Stephen Denny). The dissolution of DFW Xchange, at least the user group part of it, left us trying to find a new home. We started averaging about 100 people per the new home had to have enough space....and had to be flexible enough to allow us to continue to run the LIP.
  • In 1999, Travis Farral talked to his company, Nokia, about us meeting there....and PRESTO! Interestingly, we have seen even further growth in the group after leaving the Xchange. With close to 2000 people claiming membership and over 150 people at any given meeting, NTLUG has really come into its own space in 1999. Now the goal is incorporation (finally) and with that, our group will really be able to pursue fulfilling even greater dreams!
  • In 2000, NTLUG incorporated. We set up our first board with 1 year, 2 year and 3 year board positions. Our first board: Mark Bickel, Stephen Denny (1yr); Christopher Browne, Kendall Clark (2yr); Rick Cook, Chris Cox, Stuart Yarus (3yr).
  • Early 2000, VA Linux Systems (now VA Software) donated a VARstation to the group, it went on line as our server in Sep 2000 at hyperUSA.
  • In September 2001, we transitioned to a new server donated by Bynari, Inc. that they provided bandwidth and rack space for us at
  • In March 2003, the hosting arrangement became a donation direct from
  • In March 2006, was no longer able to provide housing for our server. We are currently being hosted on a shared web server by NTLUG's Patrick Michaud. Patrick is the creator of PmWiki, one of the best Wiki packages available.
  • In February 2008, due to restructuring, Nokia can no longer host NTLUG. Nokia helped us out from 1999 - 2007 and a bit beyond! THANK YOU!!!
  • In February 2008, NTPCUG offers a temporary home for NTLUG for the March/April 2008 Meetings. THANK YOU Gil Brand and NTPCUG!

4.  Board of Directors

2014Chris Cox
2014Patrick Michaud
2014Stuart Yarus
2015Dennis Rice
2015Ralph Green
2013Leroy Tennison
2013Ed Leach

5.  Officers

Officers are appointed by the NTLUG board.

PresidentChris Cox
Vice PresidentRalph Green, Jr.
TreasurerJ. Jentink
SecretaryEd Leach

6.  Committees

Under Construction

LIPChuck Graf
Linux TraningWilliam Jones or Dennis Rice
Programs and EventsChris Cox
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