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Linux is free.
Life is good.

Linux Training
10am on Meeting Days!

1825 Monetary Lane Suite #104 Carrollton, TX

Do a presentation at NTLUG.

What is the Linux Installation Project?

Real companies using Linux!

Not just for business anymore.

Providing ready to run platforms on Linux

Presenting at NTLUG

Becoming a Presenter

Being a presenter at NTLUG is easy.

  1. Email me.
  2. There is no step 2

Yes, it is that simple. In general we try to limit the number of commercial presentations during the year. It's subjective. So if you want to "sell" into NTLUG, you need to submit the request early.

Why Present?

One of the best ways to increase your marketability, especially in the Information Technology space, is by improving your communication skills. The best way to improve your communication skills is by ... communicating! Doing a presentation at NTLUG will help develop your skills!

What Kind of Presentation is Allowed?

Simple... anything that touches Linux. Some examples of possible presentations:

  1. Using OpenOffice
  2. Setting up a VPN in Linux
  3. Controlling Users on Your System
  4. Introduction to a Linux Distribution
  5. Getting your <fill-in-the-blank> Working with Linux

Inappropriate topics:

  1. Why Windows Crashes All the Time
  2. Bio-Diesel, Saving Gas
  3. Household Anti-Terrorist Tactics
  4. SPAM (the kind you eat)
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