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Linux Training
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1825 Monetary Lane Suite #104 Carrollton, TX

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What is the Linux Installation Project?

Real companies using Linux!

Not just for business anymore.

Providing ready to run platforms on Linux

Linux at Work

Linux in Dallas/Fort Worth

North Lake College

North Lake College

Uses Linux as part of the Open Source Technology (OST@NLC) certificate program. The core of the OST program consists of LAMP, with other courses that address more general open source issues. We use a number of distros in our Open Source Lab, depending upon the class being offered.


We both teach and utilize Linux at various levels. Although we have several servers using Linux, we are not a strong user of it. We do use several Unix systems, and of course the other OS.

L3 Link Simulation

L3 Link Simulation in Arlington

Uses Linux on software development workstations and also as embedded systems pretty much throughout the range of flight simulation products. We sell systems containing 40 or more Linux PC's acting as a gigantic 3D graphics 'render farm' that drive batteries of video projectors or laser display systems. We also have simulators that fit into trucks that can be air-lifted into the field for mission rehearsal purposes. We develop on RedHat/Fedora and SuSE - we deliver on our own Linux distro that's loosely based around Gentoo.

Sterling Commerce (now IBM)

Almost all of the Sterling Commerce software product line is supported on Linux (x86 and zSeries). Internally Linux is used for software development and testing as well as some very key infrastructure roles. We support our products on Red Hat Enterprise and SUSE Linux Enterprise. Internally we use OpenSUSE and some CentOS.



Presco is a marking and films product manufacturing company in Sherman, TX. Presco uses Linux for most of their key infrastructure needs, including accounting, name services, email, printing and file storage.

ISI Commercial Refrigeration

Uses mostly Red Hat Linux in key infrastructure areas including accounting, email and file storage services.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control

Uses Linux for running large scale digital simulations, computational fluid dynamics and various hydrocodes. A few people are figuring out that applications like Matlab/Simulink run faster on Linux than Windows and are migrating to Linux. We have several desktop Linux users.

Salem Radio Network

A division of Salem Communications Company (which owns KLTY, KWRD, and KSKY) uses Linux quite a bit. They are in the process of converting their broadcast automation computers to Linux, running the Rivendell Open Source automation program, which was developed by Salem Radio Labs. These systems will control the programming being sent over eleven satellite networks. Linux machines are also used for audio editing and controlling telephone screening equipment.

Routed Technologies

Uses Linux to troubleshoot and help fix computer systems, including ailing Windows installations. Also uses Linux for mail services using QmailToaster and uses Xen on Gentoo.

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