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  • Gentoo at FOSDEM 2017

    On February, 4th and 5th, Gentoo will be attending FOSDEM 2017 in Brussels, Belgium.

    This year one of our own, Jason A Donenfeld (zx2c4), will be speaking on WireGuard: a next generation secure kernel network tunnel.

    Similar to last year, the event will be hosted at Universit libre de Bruxelles. Gentoo developers will be taking rotating shifts at the Gentoo stand with gadgets, swag, and a new 2017 LiveDVD. You can visit this wiki article to see which developer will be manning the stand when you drop by.

    We are looking forward to seeing those in the community who have been hard at work on their quizzes!

  • In Memory of Jonathan “avenj” Portnoy
    The Gentoo project mourns the loss of Jonathan Portnoy, better known amongst us as Jon, or avenj.

    Jon was an active member of the International Gentoo community, almost since its founding in 1999.He was still active until his last day.

    His passing has struck us deeply and with disbelief.We all remember him as a vivid and enjoyable person, easy to reach out to and energetic in all his endeavors.

    On behalf of the entire Gentoo Community, all over the world, we would like to convey our deepest sympathy for his family and friends.As per his wishes, the Gentoo Foundation has made a donation in his memory to the Perl Foundation.

    Please join the community in remembering Jon on our forums.

  • Events: FrOSCon 11
    This weekend, the University of Applied Sciences Bonn-Rhein-Sieg will host the Free and Open Source Software Conference, better known as FrOSCon.Gentoo will be present there on 20 and 21 August with a chance for you to meet devs and other users, grab merchandise, and compile your own Gentoo button badges.

    See you there!

  • GSoC 2016: Five projects accepted
    We are excited to announce that 5 students have been selected to participate with Gentoo during the Google Summer of Code 2016!

    You can follow our students’ progress on the
    Accepted projects
    Clang native support - Lei Zhang:Bring native clang/LLVM support in Gentoo.

    Continuous Stabilization - Pallav Agarwal:Automate the package stabilization process using continuous integration practices.

    kernelconfig - Andr Erdmann:Consistently generate custom Linux kernel configurations from curated sources.

    libebuild - Denys Romanchuk:Create a common shared C-based implementation for package management and other ebuild operations in the form of a library.

    Gentoo-GPG- Angelos Perivolaropoulos:Code the new Meta-Manifest system for Gentoo and improve Gentoo Keys capabilities.

  • Gentoo accepted to GSoC 2016
    Students are encouraged to start working now on their project proposals.You can peruse the list of ideas or come up with your own.In any case, it is highly recommended you talk to a mentor sooner rather than later.The official application period for student proposals starts on March 14th.

    Do not hesitate to join us in the channel on freenode.We will be happy to answer your questions there.
    More information on Gentoo’s GSoC effort is also available on our Wiki.

  • January Events: Gentoo at SCALE14x and FOSDEM 2016
    The new year kicks off with two large events with Gentoo participation: The Southern California Linux Expo SCALE14x and FOSDEM 2016,both featuring a Gentoo booth.

    First we have the Southern California Linux Expo

    Then, on the last weekend of January, we’ll be on the other side of the pond in Brussels, Belgium whereFOSDEM 2016 will take place on January 30 and 31.

    Located at the Universit libre de Bruxelles,it doesn’t just offer interesting talks, but also the finest Belgian beers when the sun sets. :)

    This year, Gentoo will also be manning a stand with gadgets, swag, and LiveDVDs.
    Booth locations
    We’ll update this news item with more detailed information on how to find our booths at both conferences oncewe have information from the organizers.

  • Gentoo Package Repository now using Git
    Good things come to those who wait: The main Gentoo package repository (also known as the Portage tree or by its historic name gentoo-x86) is now based on Git.
    The Gentoo Git migration has arrived and is expected to be completed soon.As previously announced,the CVS freeze occurred on 8 August and Git commits for developers were opened soon after.As a last step, rsync mirrors are expected to have the updated changelogs again on or after 12 August.Read-only access to gentoo-x86 (and write to the other CVS repositories) was restored on 9 August following the freeze.
    Work on migrating the repository from CVS to Git began in 2006 with a proof-of-concept migration project during the Summer of Code.Back then, migrating the repository took a week and using Git was considerably slower than using CVS.While plans to move were shelved for a while, things improved over the coming years.Several features were implemented in Git, Portage, and other tools to meet the requirements of a migrated repository.
    What changes?
    The repository can be checked out from and is available via our Git web interface.

    For users of our package repository, nothing changes:Updates continue to be available via the established mechanisms (rsync, webrsync, snapshots).Options to fetch the package tree via Git are to be announced later.

    The migration facilitates the process of new contributors getting involved as proxy maintainers and eventually Developers.Alternate places for users to submit pull requests, such as GitHub, can be expected in the future.

    In regards to package signing, the migration will streamline how GPG keys are used.This will allow end-to-end signature tracking from the developer to the final repository, as outlined in GLEP 57 et seq.

    While the last issues are being worked on, join us in thanking everyone involved in the project.As always, you can discuss this on our Forums or hit up @Gentoo.

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