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This page contains "templates" for PmWiki's (:pagelist:) directive.

Brief Syntax Explanation:

See also: PageLists, Page Variables, Conditional Markup, Cookbook:PagelistTemplateSamples

Use with page variables:

   =   current item
   <   previous item
   >   next item

Conditionals used to structure pagelist output:

   (:if equal {<$Group}:)               At beginning of list
   (:if equal {>$Group}:)               At end of list
   (:if ! equal {=$Group} {<$Group}:)   First item in group
   (:if ! equal {=$Group} {>$Group}:)   Last item in group


The default template for pagelists when fmt= isn't specified.

(:if ! equal {=$Group} {<$Group}:)

:[[{=$Group}]] /:
: :[[{=$Group}/{=$Name}]]


Display pages by group/name.

(:if ! equal {=$Group} {<$Group}:)

:[[{=$Group}]] /:
: :[[{=$Group}/{=$Name}]]


A simple bullet list of page names.

* [[{=$FullName}]]


A simple bullet list of page titles. Use order=title to have them sorted by title (the default sort is by name).

* [[{=$FullName}|+]]


A bullet list of groups.

(:if ! equal {=$Group} {<$Group}:)
* [[{=$Group}]]


Concatenate the text of pages in the list. (Note, this can be an expensive operation!)

(:include {=$FullName} self=0:)


Include just the #faq sections from pages in the list. (This can also be expensive, especially if the list includes pages that don't have the [[#faq]] anchor!)

(:include {=$FullName}#faq#faqend self=0:)


Used to produce the Artilces layout.

(:if equal {<$Group}:)
(:table class=forum width="90%" :)
(:cell id="tmplforumhead tmplforumheadtopic" :)'''Topic'''
(:cell id="tmplforumhead tmplforumheadlast" :)%thd%'''Last Posted''' 
(:cell id="tmplforumhead tmplforumheadby" :)%thd%'''By''' (:if:)
(:cellnr id="tmplforumitem tmplforumitemtopic" :)[[{=$FullName}|{=$Titlespaced}]] 
(:cell id="tmplforumitem tmplforumitemlast" :){=$LastModified}
(:cell id="tmplforumitem tmplforumitemby" :)[[~{=$LastModifiedBy}]] 
(:if equal {>$Group}:)


Display pages by group/title.

(:if ! equal {=$Group} {<$Group}:)

:[[{=$Group}]] /:
: :@@{=$LastModified}@@ [[{=$Group}/{=$Name}|{=$Titlespaced}]]
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